Service Catalogue

Service Catalogue

Inventory Service:

Automated, comprehensive inventory of all hardware and software within your environment

Patch Management Service:

Complete control of software updates, delivering piece of mind and removing risks throughout your organisation

Software Management Service:

Streamlined and automated distribution of business critical software and deploy theses applications in the back ground with no user down time

Deployment and Migration Service:

Reduce the time and maintenance costs associated with imaging and cloning PCs by deploying standardised, corporate-approved, hardware-independent images

Application Metering Service:

Detailed analysis and reporting of all software and application usage

Remote Control Service:

Remote access and management, of all computers in the network with a complete audit trail

Service Desk Service:

Extensive and efficient operation of incident management and the IT life cycle

Asset Management Service:

Comprehensive hardware and software tracking, reporting and control of all company assets

Server Management Service:

Provides an effective solution for managing physical and virtual servers

Software Asset Management Service (SAM):

Manage and remove all your software risks, while improving the maturity of your software environment