ITIL Based Service Desk

Service Desk integrates your help desk requests and assets to help you manage your IT effectively. It helps you to implement ITIL best practices on the go and restore your IT services on-time. Service Desk Plus is highly customisable, smart and flexible help desk software.

Out-of-the-box ITIL ready modules define a simple and effective ITSM process with Incident Management, Service Catalogue, Problem Management, and Change Management & CMDB.
Features and benefits

  • Authenticate users using windows login credentials or Active directory credentials. Users need not remember another password; we know they are bad at it. You can also easily import user info into Service Desk Plus for a quick look up on phone number or email
  • Get all your helpdesk emails, phone calls, web form requests etc at one single place. With Service Desk Plus, you can convert all your helpdesk emails into tickets and log request for all phone calls or walk-in or web-form requests.
  • Capture all communications between the requester & technician as conversation threads. Searching all request related information now becomes easy and saves time. Service Desk Plus also allows you to merge, split or link different requests.
  • Automatically route all requests into different classifications and spend more time on request resolution. With Business Rules, you can classify the request automatically into different categories, levels, modes, technicians etc., and define a unique flow for each request type.
  • Help technicians work on a request without any delay even when they are not available at their desk. Service Desk Plus helps you to enable email and SMS notifications and keep your technicians to be on the same page whenever a request is created, assigned or updated.
  • SLA helps you prioritise right, understand what affects business and resolve it within the time. With Service Desk Plus you can set up SLA´s easily and define up to 4 levels of escalations before or after the deadline.
  • Present users with simple and easy forms based on the issue to be reported and avoid lengthy forms. With Service Desk Plus, you can configure different forms with specific fields which are relevant only to a type of issue. Adding new requests can now be quick and easy, as it involves no extra time for entering the unwanted information.

Incident Management
Prioritise and manage all incidents effectively with a predefined flow to restore services back to normal. Search all available work arounds and solutions easily with the help of integrated knowledgebase system.

Problem Management
Classify your incidents into a problem at the right time and prioritise it for further root cause analysis, which helps in changing a problem to know-error and suggesting a workaround. Users can browse through these know-error records and workarounds to resolve the incidents themselves.

Change Management
Service Desk helps you to handle pre-approved changes and changes with complete approval cycle. Forward schedule of changes allows you to keep a close look at all the scheduled changes and keep everyone informed when the service will be down for maintenance.