Black Economic Empowerment

In order to play a primary role in South Africa's economy First Technology Group has constructed a BEE Strategy that is extensive in its sustainable business development, while encouraging a positive influence over the PDI Community. The primary objective is to achieve an employment profile within the First Technology Group that is a reflection of South Africa's demographic ratio.

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With a 25.01% share of the First Technology Group owned by Izazi Holdings, our compliance with current empowerment charters has been met. In addition First Technology Group also owns 100% of CHM Vuwani, a BEE Venture that draws on the resources of the Group to facilitate the BEE process.


Arnold Sharp C.E.O  Executive
Morgan Pillay Financial Director (PDI) Executive
Ridwaan Jeena Director (PDI) Executive


  • Fully empowered in terms of Draft ICT Charter
  • Fully empowered in terms of Financial Services Charter
  • Committed to continual
    • Skills Transfer
    • Employment Equity
    • Procurement Policies
    • Social Responsibility programmes
    • Enterprise development

First Technology's strategy is to train PDIs from the bottom, creating a solid foundation of professionalism and proficiency. The group has initiated programmes to develop internal skills. All technical staff is A+ certified, and candidates with greater potential are then moved towards an MCSE certification. First Technology's objective is to have all technical staff reflect the demographic percentages of South Africa. Currently 49% of First Technology's technical staff are classified PDI.

First Technology also runs a countrywide mentorship programmes on an individual level. These candidates interface with learning centres where they foster relationships with students increasing interest in the industry.

Management Development programmes are also implicated on a management level to curb the significant skills shortages. These programmes were specifically geared at First Technology Group's requirements for the industry.


First Technology Group realises the role it has to play within the community. With our focus primarily on individual upliftment, we create the opportunity for these persons to take up a positive role within the community.

Programmes we have participated in to date have included:

  • Girls and Boys Town
  • United Cerebral Palsy Association of SA
  • Reach for a Dream
  • Leigh Matthews Trust
  • Murray & Roberts Child Welfare Fund


First Technology seeks out partnerships with specialised Black Empowerment companies that offer customers a comprehensive IT service. In the area of non-core business we have an objective of 75 % BEE companies being suppliers to the group, we currently estimate our success in this endeavour at 63%.


First Technology Group has undergone a number of audits from customers and government to confirm our BEE status, all have been successful. Government has included First Technology Group on the RT222, RT100 and Seat Management Services.

First Technology Group has also been nominated by Impumelelo as one of the Top 300 Empowerment Companies in the country. The IDC, Metrorail, the DTI and the Department of Agriculture all sponsor Impumelelo.

Because First Technology Group's strategies revolve around initiatives concerning people, community, business and legal areas, we implement a structured programme ensuring success in our various areas of commitment.